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Sport fishing

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The "Little Bears Lake" dedicated to sport fishing is situated close to the main structure. Inside there are many fish that live in total nature.

What's better than a similar place to spend some time with the fishing rod in hand or to teach how to fish to children?

The main categories of fish in the lake are trout. You can find numerous brown trout, marble trout and some Japanese (or albino) trout.

In the shed, located adjacent to the little lake, you can find all the minimum equipment to carry out fishing. From there, the fishermen can sit waiting for the right moment.

Hanging on the shed has a copy of the regulation (in ITALIAN) that define the fishing pond. In case you have a copy of the same, always check the update of the document through the revision number.


Times and additional services

Fishing can be done only during the opening hours of refreshment.

The caught fish can be bought by weight. Refer directly to the Management for information and prices.

Be rented, subject to availability, fishing rods and equipment sufficient basis for fishing on the pond.

Management also makes available, for those who had need, lockers protected key places within the building principal.