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Val Canzoi - Accessible ring


Start: Orsera - Val Canzoi

Finish: Orsera - Val Canzoi

Length path: about 2,1 Km

Travel time: about 15 minutes

Type: 70% on asphalt - 30% of timber construction of walkways and bridges

AB: Take the ring accessible until the via Val Canzoi. Cross the road paying attention to traffic.

BC: Follow the path next to the main walkway on the raised wooden thoroughly. Cross the bridge over the river Caorame.

CD: For about 100 m uphill stretch.

DE: With slight slope and down to the area of the ponds of St. Eustace.

EF: Downhill of almost 200-300 meters in wooded area. Pay attention to the leaves. Overcoming then the second bridge over the river Caorame.

FG: Take the ring next to the main road to the intersection with Via Val Canzoi in proximity of the Environmental Education Centres "Alla Santina". Overcoming the road paying attention to traffic.

GA: Complete the loop along the last stretch uphill in wooded area until you get back to the place of departure.

Data and information

Technical and equipment: No technical skill is required to make the loop path. It is believed precautionary pay attention to the wooded areas as the leaves can increase the risk of scivolameto in case of water, snow or ice.

Degree training: The path results short and not excessive so any type of person can easily percorere this track. Ideal for familiesd.

Overall toughness: Altogether it considers this ring of low toughness.

Practicability: All year except in case of snow and ice; is posibile in part to the bottom wooden incurring sheets of ice or compacted snow which considerably increase the possibility of slips. Pay attention to viability's limits in the paths and in the not carriage roads. In these cases is necessary to travel by foot pushing the bike.

Some photo about the trip

The information given on this page was collected at amateur level and are for guidance. In case you need other information, Orsera invites you to ask before doing the trip.