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Val Canzoi - Al Pos


Start: Orsera - Val Canzoi

Finish: Al Pos

Length path: about 8.5 Km

Travel time: about 2 hours

Type: 60% on asphalt - 40% on dirt roadso

AB: Take the accessible's ring till the Environmental Education Center "Alla Santina". Turn right on gravel road.

BC: Travel about 200 to 300 meters uphill and turn left at the first intersection. Turn left also at the second intersection.

CD: Overcoming a marked gradient (just a few meters) characterized by two bends onto concrete. Travel about 200 meters and on a slight slope and head right into the wood road not paved.

DE: Take the only path possible. The whole track is very nimble to go and sometimes also has protective fences.

EF: Arrived to change the slope of the mountain, you can find a bench with a table for any refreshment. From this point, for about 300 meters, pay attention to the stones along the path of downhill (get off your bike if necessary). Finished three strokes rough, keep the direction of the aqueduct to a slight rise.

FG: Take then a long downhill until you reach a dirt road paved. Turn right on the uphill road.

GH: Travel about 200 meters and enter the town of Montagne.

HI: Follow the road downhill until you reach the first crossroads. Turn right on the uphill road towards Arson.

IL: Take the paved road with ups and downs until Arson. Road not very busy, but still pay attention. In Arson, at the first crossroads, turn right towards the center of the village.

LM: Follow the main road uphill. Pass the village center and at the first crossroads take the paved road uphill next to the main (Via Mutten).

MN: Take Via Mutten and via Barcada. Almost at the end of the street, you see a dirt road of stones being born to the right of the street near a bend.

NO: On dirt road with stones at the first crossroads turn left and at the second turn right. Continuing straight ahead you will reach "Al Pos".

Data and information

Technical and equipment: Not require high technical skills and considerable equipment to take this ring, although caution is needed in the most complex points. They can still be passed getting down from the bike for a few meters. The light equipment, because of the high altitude difference, definitely helps in the realization of the path

Degree training: The route results very tiring so it is recommended to tackle the route with a great degree of training already supported.

Overall toughness: Altogether it considers this ring of medium-high toughness.

Practicability: All year except in case of snow and ice;It is possibile, in the forest, running into sheets of ice or compacted snow hidden among the leaves. Pay attention to viability's limits in the paths and in the not carriage roads. In these cases is necessary to travel by foot pushing the bike.


AI: Slope MAX climb 32.7% - Slope MAX downhill -32.3% - Slope AVERAGE climb 7.4% - Slope AVERAGE downhill -7.7%

IL: Slope MAX climb 8.2% - Slope MAX downhill -13.0% - Slope AVERAGE climb 5.8% - Slope AVERAGE downhill -7.9%

LO: Slope MAX climb 35.6% - Slope MAX downhill 0% - Slope AVERAGE climb 19.7% - Slope AVERAGE downhill 0%

Some photos about the trip

The information given on this page was collected at amateur level and are for guidance. In case you need other information, Orsera invites you to ask before doing the trip.