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The National Park of the Belluno Dolomites has recently been included in the World Heritage by UNESCO. Val Canzoi is one of the gateways to this magnificent place. Especially, from the Val Canzoi, you can reach the most important park's places about wildlife, flora and vegetation.

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Cimonega and Erera Brendol areas are precisely the places that are characterized by a great interest about the flora and fauna typical of the Belluno's Alps.

These places are characterized, geographically, as areas not easily accessible in which animals and plants have been able to live undisturbed by human presence. However, the large mammals of Val Canzoi, can also be observed at the edge of the woods at sunrise and sunset in the areas around Orsera and the meadows of the valley. These meetings are accentuated during the winter months when the animals, pushed to the bottom of the valley by the snow presence, are looking for food in the valley meadows.

Also reptiles can be found in the small lake areas of Val Canzoi, particularly in the lakes of St. Eustace, which represent one of the most interesting places in the herpetological pre-park area.

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Val Canzoi is characterized by an exuberant and wild nature that can be experienced by all those who wish to find peace in almost completely unspoiled places. There are many trails for hiking that can be undertaken: marked in the CAI guides paths and more (escursioni).

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